Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dog Tool Training - 3 Different Tools To Use

Having the right equipment can make all the difference in dog tool training. The tough part is deciding what's right! If you ask three dog trainers about what kind of collar best then you will probably get three opinions. I think, the best piece of equipment for your dog is the one that works best for you and your dog. You two have to feel well when you are training together. You need at least one collar and at least one leash. I want to point out three of them. Lets have a look.

1. A martingale collar slips over your dog's head. The collar has to fit properly. When you then pull against it with your leash the collar will tighten enough to keep your dog from slipping out of the collar. but it will not choke him. It is a great tool in dog sports and a very effective thing to do dog tool training.

2. The choke chain collar is usually made of metal chain, sometimes in leather or nylon. Although many good dog trainers use choke chains without being cruel to their dogs. But it is extremely easy to misuse a choke chain and you could hurt your dog.And that is not what we want. In my opinion it is not a good dog tool training equipment.The dog may ignore it after a while and he could get injuries when you not put the collar on correctly.

3. Electronic collars or shock collars are seen by some people as a quick and easy way to do dog tool training. Most people use shock collars to punish the dog for doing something they do not want to do but the dog must know the command.If not he will never know what he has done wrong and there is no training effect. You need a little bit experience to use it the right way. Otherwise you may get more problems with your dog than before the dog tool training. The system itself works like this, the collar has an receiver and the human carries a transmitter.And when you push the transmitter the dog gets a shock. The range is about 300 yards. It is often used by hunters. A friend of mine has a shock collar for his hunting dog. But he never use it because the dog knows what could happen when he wears the collar. It can be useful to do dog tool training.

Okay, these are 3 tools. I use different collars on my dogs depending on the dog's age, level of training, individual personality, and type of the activity you want to do. Some are better for basic dog tool training and some are better for advanced dog tool training. So you have to decide what is best for you and your dog. If you both feel well then you will have fun during the training.

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